Our mobile phones accompany us everywhere. They have become, in many ways, extensions of ourselves. We rely on them for communication, information, navigation, and much more. Statistics reveal that of the 97% of all Americans who own a mobile phone, 85% own a smart phone, a handheld device which has enhanced capabilities for receiving, sending, and utilizing data. These figures demonstrate the extent to which SMS messaging services can assist companies in getting their marketing message across. Anyone who is operating a business in 2022, will likely understand the importance of a digital marketing strategy in reaching out to their client base and communicating with them. Here’s how SMS marketing services can effectively tap into collective mobile usage to maximize sales and develop stronger customer relationships.

Your business is your customers, without them you would have no one to sell to or serve. SMS is a direct line to your clientele. In fact, with recent research revealing that 70% of Americans check their phone within five minutes of receiving a notification, SMS is the gold standard of timely marketing communication. Whilst your well-intentioned emails may get lost in a client’s inbox, or worse still, in their junk folder jumble, and billboards and posters may serve to fleetingly catch some attention, an SMS is almost guaranteed to be read instantly by the intended recipient.

As we live in a tech-savvy content-saturated world of digitized communications, the way in which your company approaches SMS messaging is of vital importance. Adhere to some simple guidelines for clear, positive, and effective SMS marketing messaging. These include, only sending text messages to customers who have given their consent. Ensure that the messages you send are relevant, time-sensitive, and polite. For example, if your current marketing campaign is providing a service for elderly persons, or for parents of young children, only send SMS offers and updates to clients who could reasonably be assumed to want those particular products or services. If you’re unsure, use inclusive language, such as, ‘if you or your family or friends.’ Be alert to the time of day you are messaging, within business hours is a respectful guideline. If you have international customers, time zones will play a determining role in when SMS marketing is sent. Finally, make sure that all messaging includes your company name and clearly describes its purpose, are you offering your customer something, contacting them as a courtesy reminder of a service appointment, or is your marketing transactional in nature.

If you would like to implement SMS marketing to better reach your customers, reward their loyalty, or inspire their continued patronage, contact the doctor text message service for expert guidance and maximum impact.